Worker Management System

About Worker Management

As an important Mallinckrodt Partner, suppliers participate in the company Pre-Qualification program. This program is vital to ensuring a safe and health workplace for Mallinckrodt employees and contractors. Participating in this program is required to work at Mallinckrodt. Participation does not guarantee that you will be awarded work at Mallinckrodt. However, it does ensure that you meet Mallinckrodt’s prequalification criteria, and are qualified to perform work.

At Mallinckrodt, we believe our commitment to protecting health, safety and our environment starts with a socially responsible culture. That’s why we remain focused on building safety and environmental excellence into all of our processes from start to finish.

In doing so, our expectation is an injury-free workplace and an assurance that our activities do not result in adverse safety, health or environmental impacts either on or off-site.

To underscore and strengthen these commitments, organizations registered as a Mallinckrodt supplier in Avetta connect will now be required to register their workers and maintain their compliance in the online Avetta Worker Management System.

The system is managed on behalf of Mallinckrodt by Avetta, providing a world-leading worker competency management platform where organizations manage the compliance, qualifications, and training of their workers.

To register your workers in the Worker Management System, your organisation must first be a registered supplier with Avetta Connect. The two systems will be integrated by early 2022.


Contractor workers will be registered by their employer in the Avetta Worker Management System.

The process is completed in steps in an online portal:

  1. Create a business account in the Worker Management System
  2. Create profiles for your employees who work for Mallinckrodt
  3. Select the role/s they perform for Mallinckrodt
  4. Upload their qualifications and competencies (licences, tickets)
  5. Book online inductions which they complete before attending site

This information is verified by safety specialists. Compliant and inducted workers are issued with access ID eCards linked to their online profile – their passport to access Mallinckrodt sites.


Avetta company which connects a competent workforce and manages the Worker Management System on behalf of Mallinckrodt.

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